SydneyCare - Emergency Food

For various reasons, many people have occasional difficulty with their food budget.

Food producers, wholesalers & retailers often have some quantities of food, including dry, frozen & fresh produce, that are 'short on code' though not expired, which they are pleased to donate. SydneyCare has facilities to collect or receive & store and then pick, pack & dispatch to people requiring emergency food.

The picture shows SydneyCare volunteers and the contents of a typical food hamper.

A real life example best illustrates the process. One Thursday evening, A RNSH maternity social worker called SydneyCare regarding a patient who was shortly expecting the arrival of her fourth child but had only ten dollars left in her purse, as a result of her husband's recent redundancy.

Early Friday morning, SydneyCare delivered to their upper North Shore home a number of parcels of emergency food, sufficient for the family for the following two weeks.