Drought Relief NSW - SydneyCare

For much of the time over the past 9 years, drought has serverely affected the farming community of New South Wales particularly the south and west parts of the state. The situation has improved over recent weeks, 1st January to 1st February 2010, 4.4% to 6.2% is Satisfactory, 13.8% to 28.1% is Marginal and 81.8% reduced to 65.7% of NSW still in Drought.

The 2005 pilot project, launched by Lorna Magen, to provide Christmas Hamper drought relief to Central West NSW has developed into an ongoing Country NSW Drought Relief program. SydneyCare continues to provide supply chain support and direct management of projects at Parkes.

Ian Pinninger donated the use of a 2000m2 old woolshed. Country Energy provide power. A number of major food companies and boutique food producers donate food and other household goods. Visy Industries provide boxes for the hampers and recycling services. Transport is donated by Linfox, Roadmaster, TNT, Toll and Interlink. Combined Rural Traders provide forklifts.

Every few weeks, Geoffrey Magen and volunteers from partner church organisations pick, pack & dispatch hampers from Parkes and SydneyCare HQ warehouse donated by Stockland at Yennora to country depots for distribution.

Thus far SydneyCare has been blessed with the resources to be able to provide 11,900 hampers for families in the farming community of Country NSW. However we are currently experiencing some difficulty in obtaining the same levels of donated foods as we have

On New Year's Eve each year, SydneyCare's food-stall at North Sydney raises funds primarily to enable children of the farming community to participate in school activities and excursions.