The executive founders of SydneyCare, Geoffrey Magen and Lorna Magen, were released by NSCC in July 2006 to relocate their ministry to a situation better able to provide for them; the community service ministry having grown beyond the resource capabilities of a single church.

After Geoffrey Magen was appointed CEO in 2004, on a one day per week stipend but volunteering full time, NSCC's caring ministry service grew from 200 people to over 3,000 people served, including bread donations to 1,400 people per week. The commercial value of services provided to the local community in 2005 was more than $2.0 million.

In 2005, Geoffrey & Lorna Magen also accepted responsibility for AOG World Relief NSW Headquarters, responding to the SE Asia Tsunami by sending more than $7.0 million of relief aid to Sri Lanka. The organisation was described by The North Shore Times as the front-runner in responding to the tsunami and during the early stages of the tsunami response was accredited by The Medical Industry Association of Australia (MIAA) as a recipient of donated medical supplies from its members. During the tsunami campaign, the increased number of volunteers, from 150 to 450, came from many church denominations and the wider community.

Lorna volunteered full time from mid-2005, demonstrating a gift in procuring donated goods & services from the commercial community and in organising fundraising projects. Lorna also established various projects within the NSW Department of Housing public housing arena that have brought significant relief for many residents.

Over the past five years, this caring ministry has been developed into a significant $25+million community service organistion. Letters of commendation from the mayors of the local councils, government departments and welfare agencies are available.