2004 - 2005 South East Asia Earthquake & Tsunami

In the evening of 26 December 2004 the SydneyCare executive founders, Geoffrey & Lorna Magen received the first SMS communications & fax requests for assistance for the post tsunami survivors, from Sri Lanka and then other affected countries. To meet the needs of people affected by the earthquake & tsunami, AOG World Relief coordinated relief efforts of AOG churches and fundraising through the SE Asian Earthquake & Tsunami Appeal. Collection points were established in Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Adelaide SA and Melbourne & Dandenong VIC.

From 07 January 2005, Geoffrey & Lorna Magen accepted responsibility for managing AOG - World Relief NSW headquarters. AMP Capital Investors provided a 2900m2 warehouse & office facility. More than 450 volunteers were involved in collecting, sorting & packing relief supplies from many churches across Greater Sydney plus volunteers from other organisations including some 35 SES members, members of the NSW Police Service & AusPost Staff who have volunteered to support this project.

From NSW HQ, 9x 20 ft sea-freight containers were dispatched including three containers of food (approx. $500,000 + each) donated by Masterfoods. 1,600kgs of urgent medical supplies were air-freighted, including 14,000 doses of injectable antibiotics to combat pneumonia, valued at $750,000, donated by Mayne-Pharma. Many chidlrens lives were saved as a result.

Geoffrey & Lorna had overall responsibility to AOG World Relief for coordinating relief supply chain logistics from Australia to tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka. A total of 30 x20ft sea-freight containers were been consigned to Sri Lanka from AOG World Relief across Australia.

All goods and services for the NSW Tsunami Relief work were generously donated by both large international & national and local businesses. The commercial value of medical supplies, water & food, clothing & bedding, tents, school books etc. donated in NSW exceeded $3,800.000. The estimated value of donated ‘used' supplies was $2,500,000. Thus the total commercial value of the tsunami response, including shipping, airfreight & road transport was some A$7,000,000. Owing to later prohibitive import duties in Sri Lanka, four additional containers containing clothing, bedding, medical supplies and school supplies services were diverted to other areas of need. Commercial value exceeds $1,000,000.

As AOG World Relief Project Officer in 2005, Geoffrey Magen visited Sri Lanka to scope & prepare AusAid project plans for reconstruction of homes for some of the 850,000 homeless tsunami survivors.

Geoffrey & Lorna Magen visited Sri Lanka again in August 2007, to support the post-tsunami develoment of various churches & orphanages.