Christmas Hampers

There are many folk who simply do not have the financial resources for food, either basic foods or foods for the festive season.

For a number of years, in partnership with various food producers, wholesalers & retailers and our partner church organsations, SydneyCare has provided Christmas Hampers to people in need in the local communities.

For Christmas 2005, we provided more than 450 hampers to families, 150 in the local Sydney community and 300 in the farming community west of Parkes, NSW. In 2006, we provided 500+ hampers locally and 500+ for the Central West farming community. In 2007, our targets increased to 500+ hampers locally and 1,000 Christmas Hampers for distribution from Parkes to those families in Country NSW affected by the drought. During this season it was realised that the hamper project in Country NSW would need to become year round. This is reported separately under NationalCare section.

The Christmas Hamper project for the local Sydney communities continued in 2008 with more than 500 hampers distributed to provide some Christmas cheer.